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Ever been just friends with a girl? When no matter how much you try, it's still a simple friendship in the end? We've all been there and some of us are still there. Luckily, Felix (The Bag Of Tricks Cat), TMK, and Mega Ran are here to guide you through situations like these. Spreading a positive message that friendship may not always be what you want, but sometimes it ends up being more in the end.

Music Videos

BOTC- Check the Forecast

The Bag of Tricks Cat's 1st promotional single. Felix gets political and disses Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and speaks on Arizona Hip-Hop. "Check the Forecast" was produced, mixed and mastered by El-Jay Beats. Directed by Zona Homegrown

Bakers- No Champagne

Where's the bubbly? Looks like "The Bakers" drank it all up in the long awaited video for "No Champagne." Painting the town black and white with that Arizona flow, "Bag of Tricks Cat," "Zona Homegrown," and "TMK" introduce you to a hip hop sound unmatched. Allow yourself to be taken on a trip of epic proportions. Where the clouds are out and the girls steal your breathe. Be prepared for the champagne campaign led by "The Bakers"

Mike Biggiz & BOTC- Stone Cold Stunner

Mike Biggiz & Felix "The Bag of Tricks Cat" present: "Stone Cold Stunner"
This is Mike Biggiz first single off of his mixtape "Hooked on Chronic 2012."

Feline Follies

Episode 2

A behind the scenes look at Alternative Hip-Hop artists Felix "The Bag of Tricks Cat" & TMK "The Mic Killa's" upcoming album "Southwest Living: Live from the Oven." Featuring appearances from Bookie, MegaRan AKA Random Beats, and Mav of Sol Camp. Arizona Hip-Hop at its best.

Episode 1

A behind the scenes look at Bag of Tricks Cat in the studio with Bookie and his interview on ASU's radio station the Blaze.