Bag of tricks cat

Always Original, No Copy Cats




the bakers - a catered affair

Bag Of Tricks Cat - The Cat That Never Came Down


Bag Of Tricks Cat & Mike Biggiz -
Paid In Sex

Bag of Tricks Cat-
Half & Half: Too Broke For Whole Milk

Bag of Tricks Cat & TMK-
Southwest Livin: Live from the Oven


The Bakers - Bitches & Money

Bag Of Tricks Cat & Kara Revesz - View From The Top

The Bakers - Dead Rapper Flow

BOTC - The Infatuation Of Mary Feat Hard Work

Bag Of Tricks Cat - WOAH Feat. TMK

Bag Of Tricks Cat-
The Cat That Never Came Down

Bag of Tricks Cat & Hannibal Leq- Litter Box

Bag Of Tricks Cat & Bookie
Drama In My Life

The Bakers-
No champagne

Bag of Tricks Cat-
Check the forecast

Studio Time

HandKrafted Recording Studios LLC is located in the North West Valley of Arizona. Established in 2010 by Recording & Mix Engineer, Brian R. Gigerich.


HKS is known for quality, efficient, & creative Recording, Mixing & Mastering. Some clientele include (Wutang) Cappadonna, P-Thoro, Megaran, Bag of Tricks Cat, J-BO, Dirty Dollaz, Yung Success, Dre Polo, Domingo Payso, Omar Warner, Hathaway, Rtiist, David Dyob, Shah D.I.G.A & Many more.