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Bag of Tricks Cat X Hannibal Leq- Litter Box

"Litter Box" is Bag Of Tricks Cat's new single featuring Hannibal Leq AKA Mr. MTV. The record was produced by D Chambers, and is free to download via Soundcloud.

Bag of Tricks Cat-
Half & Half: Too Broke For Whole Milk

Bag of Tricks Cat & TMK-
Southwest Livin: Live from the Oven

Half & Half: Too Broke For Whole Milk consists of a mixtape half and an EP half. "Bag Of Tricks Cat" will be releasing the EP half on September 24th. You can stream/download Half & Half: Too Broke For Whole Milk for free.

"Southwest Livin: Live From The Oven" is the debut LP from Arizona's Bag of Tricks Cat and TMK (The Mic Killa). The 2 Bakers rap about life in the oven, and show off their musical versatility. Southwest Livin: Live From The Oven features production from The Maine Ingredient, El-Jay Beats and Bookie, and appearances from Mega Ran and Mav of Sol Camp. Download the album on iTunes or stream it for free.

Bag of Tricks Cat-
Check the forecast

The Bakers-
No champagne

Check The Forecast is a promotional (and political) single from "Bag Of Tricks Cat." Felix's gritty lyrics and delivery combined with El-Jay Beats production makes Check The Forecast one song that is hotter than a motherfucker. You can stream/download "Check The Forecast" for free.

Bag Of Tricks Cat X Bookie
Drama In My Life

Drama In My Life is another promotional single by Bag Of Tricks Cat. Arizona's Bookie produced, and was featured on, the song. You can Stream/Download "Drama In My Life" for free.

No Champagne is the first promotional single released by the Alternative Hip-Hop group "The Bakers." You can stream/download the original and remix version of No Champagne for free.